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Watching a natural disaster hit a beautiful nation like Nepal is devastating - as many of us read this news and move on without action, we are here to urge you to help those in Nepal.   Your closet full of old clothing & blankets collecting dust could help keep someone warm when they have lost everything.  After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake has left the district of Gorkha in pieces, the people of Nepal need our aid most in this period of rebuilding.  Be sure to find accredited charities & to ensure your donations are making into the hands of those in need - check out this link here for a list of charities accepting donations & volunteers plus an article from NPR on where to send aid:

Better Business Bureau - Nepal Earthquake Donation Tips 

NPR What You Need to know before Donating to Earthquake Relief

Emily & myself were already in the process of going thru our closets so we quickly filled two garbage bags and a third from our fellow housemates of gently used clothing, blankets & items we thought they would need most.  We were also in luck as Emily had a friend who knew a family in Gunnison, Colorado heading over to give first-hand aid to those in Nepal.  We were able to send these bags directly over there - I truly hope we made a small difference. 

The UN has state that this quake has affected 8 million people across 39 districts (read more here) so anything you can donate, send to the right charity, will make a huge difference.  Take action, jump into your closet & room for some Spring cleaning, set a goal to put together a bag full of items to send to those who have nothing.  Part of our journey here at Meet You There will involve experiencing cultures and countries much different than ours here in the United States - I could not image waking up to an earthquake tearing my home in half.  As we visit different places around the world you begin to see first hand how different other countries are compared to life in America.  Places like Nepal aren't prepared for destruction like this earthquake, and no place will ever be prepared.  It's times like these that show us how powerful the world can be as we lend a helping hand trying to rebuild the culture, the beauty and history that has lived for so many centuries throughout Nepal.  Sending my heart, prayers, warm clothes & blankets to those in need - I motivate you to do the same... the time for us is now

Until next time, ~MYT 
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