Visa Research and Restrictions

We were concerned about entering certain regions with one way tickets in our hands - this can be an issue as most people travel on a student visa or work visa.  The American passport is an invaluable thing when it comes to world travel - this little blue book not only represents our freedom but also represents our ability to travel the world freely.  With an American passport in hand you are free to roam the Schengen territory for 90 days without a visa - but you must be moving from country to country.  If you plan to stay in a particular country for more than 90 days you must contact the embassy there to inquire about being there on extended stay.  Failure to contact certain countries about extended stays within their borders could result in serious penalties.  We will follow up to this post when we get closer to heading to regions that are outside of Europe such as Southeast Asia, India, Morocco, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand - for these places we are aware we will need preparation & about a month's time to (in the case of India) to receive visas to access these countries & regions.  Always spend time researching visa restrictions, lengths of stay and purpose of visit for whatever region you plan to visit - the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck at a border crossing because of poor visa planning. 

The map below shows which countries make up the Schengen area - these countries can be seen here:

This site here was a great resource for us during this research - Schengen Visa Countries List

Clicking on the map above will also take you to the same place.  Below I have started working on a rough map as to what regions Meet You There will be traveling.  It's been fun at home to build a physical map on card board which has given us the opportunity to pin out all our 'must-visit- places.  After pinning about 30 locations on our map it was surprising to me when I typed them in here only to find out this trip will really only cover between 11-16% of the world.  But that's what second trips are for - right?  (please if you have more information on being in Europe for more than 90 days pass this information along to us! we are looking to generate as much knowledge as we can -- [email protected])

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