Exploring Barcelona - Three must-visit attractions and one bonus activity for the soul

Exploring Barcelona - Three must-visit attractions and
one bonus activity for the soul

We spent about a week exploring Barcelona, Spain and have come up with a short post about three attractions that truly WOW'd us and also a bonus activity for the soul: watching the sunrise on a Spanish beach.  Exploring Spain was fantastic in our opinions and we found Barcelona to be one of those places that made us feel comfortable and at home.  We did some touristy things here and also some not-so touristy things (such as enjoying Spain's underground cannabis club - post coming soon) but we've picked our favorite attractions that we think you must check out while in this region. 

1. Parc de la Ciutadella - this is a must-see park, great for people watching and a stroll around one of Spain's most beautiful parks.  As seen in the image above the park is lined with figures of horses and plenty of fountains - a great place to spend a sunny afternoon perhaps with a picnic from one of the local markets. 

2. La Sagrada Familia - a very famous sight seeing location when in Barcelona, the construction behind this church began in 1880 (design by Antoni Guadi according to Google) and hosts some of the cities best views (if you can get to them).  We shipped on paying €15 and decided the views from the street and front of the church were just as outstanding as going inside - part of the determining factor here was seeing all the renovations being done to the church, the photography could only turn out so good (see image below).  Sometimes we make this decision when trying to preserve our daily €50 budget - so we snapped some great images outside the church and moved onto to number three. 

Purchase tickets for La Sagrada Familia Church here

Park Güell seen below... and La Sagrada Familia seen above (built in 1880!)

3. Park Güell - is yet again a must-see when staying in Barcelona, Spain - the views of the endless city skyline from here are just wonderful.  We opt to enjoy the free portion of the park - although you can pay for the more colorful portion depict on many travel images from Park Güell.  We snapped photos, listening to some street music and watched other artists taking in the sights from this city top park. 

Bonus: be sure to make your way to the beaches of Spain while in Barcelona, the closest beach to our Air BnB accommodations was a sunrise facing beach so we made it a point to walk to the beach and catch the rising sun.  Other Spanish locals enjoyed the sunrise with a light workout next to the beach, a run or we even saw someone doing yoga - saying their Oohhmms as the sun came up on a new day.  We hope you check out these attractions during your next stay in Barcelona, Spain - and do your soul some good by watching the sun rise of the crystal blue waters of Spain's coast line.  Check out our images we snapped that morning of the rising sun - be sure to follow us on instagram as well @meet_youthere ... thanks for reading! More coming soon as we catch up from India, Portugal and Spain. ~MYT



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