Exploring Amsterdam - the Heineken Experience

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Exploring Amsterdam - the Heineken Experience

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One of our favorite memories from our recent trip to Amsterdam was the Heineken Experience – we really recommend you go to this experience if your in Amsterdam with a few hours to spare.  Purchase your tickets online


to save a few euro (€16 as opposed to €18) and plan about 3.5 hours for the Heineken Experience (although it could go quicker big crowds slow the flow thru the museum).  I personally love a nice refreshing Heineken and as a DJ I used to drink them all time as a go to beer when out playing music.  We have seen breweries but not actual start to finish from hop to bottle type-brewing and the Heineken Experience was all about this and more.  Learning the history of Heineken as a marketing giant was intriguing, how they became established as a brand plus they spread their one beer all over the world with their signature brewing recipe.  Anywhere you go and you can expect your Heineken beer to taste exactly the same – which isn’t a bad thing if you’re a long way from home and that taste brings you back.

After the historic set of the brewery the tour is taken thru a more interactive section on how the actual beer is made – I found it exciting to see all the different processes like preparing the barley using rollers, then the giant mash containers, then cooking the wort with only best hops for taste and smell.  Then the bottling process is unique in itself – like watching an episode of how its made right before your eyes – Heineken has done a wonderful job with this experience here in Amsterdam.   After flashing the Heineken logo in your face a few more times and in colorful ways as well – your taken to a tasting area where they do a short question and answer – and yes, if you answer a question correct about their brewing process you get a free beer. 

Your also given two full beers at the end in addition to the sample in the tasting room - so the price of the experience comes with some fresh, crisp Heineken tied into it.  Maybe have a lunch or dinner spot picked out after this experience the beers will bring on an appetite – they stay open pretty late at Heineken (last tour starts at 5pm and 7pm) so skip the crowds and go later in the day like we did.  For our day we spent the morning at the Kat Kabinet (read our post here) - and then the afternoon walking thru the Heineken Experience.  More blogs coming soon - Touring Amsterdam by Canal and our Favorite Coffeeshop from the Netherlands.  Thanks for reading along >> off we go to Germany...~MYT