Exploring Belgium - MYT Day Trip to Brugge and Knokke Beach (the North Shore)

Exploring Belgium - Meet You There Day Trip to Brugge and Knokke Beach (the North Shore)

When we told our traveling friends that we were headed to Belgium everyone seemed to respond with “oh you must see Brugge, Belgium its absolutely beautiful” so we decided to take a day trip to explore Brugge and Knokke Beach up near the north shore.  We’re fortunate to have family friends that live here in Belgium not too far from our Air BnB so instead of activating our train passes we were able to get a ride to the Brugge area so we could explore for the day.  Not only did our friends provide us with a ride but they were able to tour us around the city of Brugge and tell us many of the famous stories – kind of like our own personal tour guides.  This was a real treat for us to tour these places with a couple that is very familiar with the region – it would be like the locals at Vail taking you out to ski their favorite spots for a day.  I’m going to let you take Brugge in with your eyes thru this photo-slide show below:

Horse carriages keep tourists busy rushing them thru the beautiful ancient streets of the town of Brugge, Belgium.
— Meet You There

You must always be aware of where the road is because horse carriages don’t stop instead you must get out the way.  Each sweeping corner is like a history lesson – all the different buildings, homes and restaurants labeled with numbers dating back to 1330 (like the doorway Emily is standing in below is almost 700 years old).  Can you believe that?! It was hard for me to understand these streets that I was walking on were probably over a century old.  Coming from America the oldest things we seen or consider 'history' are from the 1800s which is technically only 200 years old - when you get to Europe the dates go back and back - making every corner of this beautiful place feel like a page out of a textbook. 

We wandered into one of the sweet shops lining the canals where we got to try some Belgian meringue and Belgian chocolates, caramel and almonds.  The sweet treats here are to die for but watch out for your teeth – Belgian waffles (the smell is hard to resist), Belgian chocolates, Belgian hot cocoa and plenty of Belgian beer shops to taste beers you’ve never heard of in the states. 

Highlights from Brugge: the blood of Jesus Christ (in a very old church, a must-see), the Canals that used to carry people, spices and goods throughout the village and beyond and the House of the Nuns.

brugge belgium images by meet you there

After seeing these important sights in Brugge, we left that area to drive towards the North Sea to a town called Knokke - where we were able to walk the beach and snap images like the one above.  Image by: frankieboyphotography.com  

After exploring the beach side we settled at a very nice restaruant to watch the sun set behind the large shipping yard - on the drive back, give yourself the oppurtinity to stop and view the beautiful canals that span for hundreds of miles to and from Knokke, Belgium.  Thanks for reading - more posts and photos coming soon...! Trying to keep up with all the different adventures, but all in all life on the road is simple, fantastic and we're loving life.  Stay tuned lots more coming at you... follow us on instagram: @meet_youthere