Exploring Berlin - Photo Walk the Berlin Wall and we explain our Eu Rail train pass

Exploring Berlin - Photo Walk the Berlin Wall and
we explain our Eu Rail train pass

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If your into photography, street art and checking out one of Berlin, Germany's most visited sites then save a day for the Berlin Wall.  The art we saw throughout Berlin has impressed us in a number of ways - it's creativity, bright colors and sharp designs and the graffiti here is endless.  While the Berlin Wall is a more permanent installation of street art, some of the murals here have changed and morphed over the years.  Not to mention the entire back of the Berlin Wall is covered from end to end with graffiti tags from artists in Germany and beyond.  Be sure to spend some time not only looking at the famous murals on the east side of the Berlin Wall but to put a different perspective on your walk back to public transportation - you can walk along the canal banks examining the hundreds and hundreds of artistic graffiti tags.

We were able to catch a gorgeous sunset behind the Berlin Wall as we strolled back to the public transit train we used to get there at the beginning of our day. 

The public transportation in Germany was excellent to us - we have a 10 day train pass for our Europe trip which includes being able to ride the S-Bahn in Germany free of charge.  These train passes are an excellent choice if your going to be touring Europe for 30, 60 or even 90 days - we went back and forth about getting an unlimited train pass but at a cost of almost $3000 we settled for a much less expensive pass that enabled us to take 10 train travels days for around $1300 and so far we have used about 6 travel train days.  Train travel is the way to go in Europe in our opinion - were able to bring our big bags on (free of charge / weight restrictions unlike air travel) and also with our train passes we're able to request first class train rides making each train travel day a comfortable opportunity for writing blogs, editing photos, reading books and resting our legs.  Incorporate the train pass into your Europe trip expenses (something we paid for before we left) riding the trains and using public transportation create enormous money saving strategies.  We prefer first class but if you're on a tighter budget and looking to just get from place to place 2nd class will do just fine we have rode second class trains - not as comfortable as first class but it will get you to where your going next.  Here are a few traveling Europe's train tips we have learned along the way:

1. Always arrive early to ensure your at the correct platform - if you can't find the platform someone in the information booth will speak English and can help you find your way
2. Make reservations if you have a Eurail pass - if your a planner and know when your going in and out of certain areas you can make reservations on the trains - this takes the stress off of having to find your own seat / a car that isn't reserved which can be hectic when carrying your life on your back
3. Train safety - always lock your pack, keep your belongings nearby, although we've never had an issue - solo travelers be ware we have heard horror stories of people falling asleep on trains only to wake up with no bags in sight (don't let this happen to you)

Trains are fantastic in that you get to see your entire journey thru your train car window - we love watching the different European farmlands and ancient cities, massive cathedrals pass us by while we write, edit photos or just relax.  Have any questions for us about which EuRail pass to buy? Please leave us comments below we would love to help you out with piecing together what pass is right for your trip.  Thanks for reading... More content coming soon! ~MYT