Exploring Denver - the Denver Botanic Gardens



After spending the majority of the daytime at the Denver County Fair we decided to head to the Denver Botanic garden as many of our friends have recommend the gardens to us.  One of the best kept secrets of the gardens is to visit on a day it may rain – there are many places to walk inside and find shelter from the Colorado summer rains.  The first area we explored were two large greenhouses hosting a rain forest style gardens. 

denver botanic garden2 denver colorado

Wandering around the various sections of the botanic gardens with a camera in hand is a fantastic time.  Emily took close ups of the amazing rain forest like flowers as we walked in awe of all of the creations at this botanic garden.  Denver does a fantastic job with the upkeep at these gardens and they even have rotating art displays that are spread throughout the grounds.  Although we wish we had seen the glass blowing on display only a couple months prior we were able to catch what I will called the 'tree horses'.

pano frankieboyphotography denver botanci garden

Super talented artist (Deborah Butterfield - the Nature of Horses) has construct a number of aspen tree and tree branch horses that not only look just like a real horse but also mimic the horses huge size.  A very unique art display that we were able to capture - Emily took some really nice images on our adventure day here.  See her capture of 'the Nature of Horses' down at the bottom of this post.  More images to finish out this write up: 

Thanks for reading and more content coming soon..!

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