Exploring India - Ten things we will miss about incredible India and Ten things we won't miss

Exploring India - Ten things we will miss about incredible India and
Ten things we won't miss

Traveling to India is an extreme dose of culture shock and sensory overload - when writing a post recently on 'Preparing to visit a Third World Country' I found it difficult to describe the things we saw and experienced.  You won't be able to erase from your mind the various things you see along the road when visiting places like: Old Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Pushkar - but instead you should always remember the beauty that exists in visiting these rough places.  We came up with ten things we will miss about India and also ten things we won't miss about our travels thru India - we're very aware that some of these might seem like first world problems but much of our trip has taken us thru Europe so we were a bit shocked to experience the things we did while in India.  More than feeling shocked, we come from a place that is more fortunate than India - so we began to understand that not every country has the infrastructure like the United States or much of Europe - over population, a vast mix of poverty and wealth, people being stuck in their ways often contribute to some of the negative things we saw and experienced.  Nonetheless these things didn't take away from our travels thru India - we just felt rather unprepared and have learned to have no expectations when planning to visit a third world country - let your mind be open, so you can fall in love with the beauty and leave with a number of life lessons under your travel belt.  We hope you are able to gain some insight from this post and our forthcoming post about 'Preparing to visit a third world country' and don't let this information stop you from visiting places like India instead help guide you to understanding what life might be like in these places as you travel thru them. 
We found so much beauty here in India - and we know you will too...

Ten things we will miss about incredible India:
1. The amazing flavors and spices of Indian foods
2. Colorful traditions like the Diwali Festival 2015 we were able to experience
3. Tasty Chai and exceptional coffee and espresso
4. The curious but politely pleasant people of India - we had people taking pictures with us, as we took pictures of them, both cultures seemed wildly intrigued with the other, we are all the same at the end of the day - be prepared for this culture shock

5. The wildlife (elephant rides and camel fairs)

6. The low costs of splurging at our many meals
(the food in Pushkar was amazing and vegetarian only)
7. The fact that anything is possible in India (it's true)
8. Our friends family - whom made us feel at home and welcome from the moment we arrived in New Delhi, also traveling with another couple helped us to feel unstoppable during our trip
9. Kingfisher and Zula Wine not to mention 'Special' Lassi from Pushkar
(post coming soon about Special Lassi from Pushkar, India)
10. The accommodating nature of the service provided at hotels and hostels

Now onto the ten things we won't miss from traveling thru India - take all these with a grain of salt, as I said before many may seem like first world (American) problems but do prepare yourself for all of the following - use these items as a guide and a way to understand what you will see and experience during your visit to India. 

We won't miss:
1. Schemey rickshaw drivers who you can only trust for a moment
2. The smells of India
3. The disheartening feeling of seeing poverty in a 3rd world country
4. The annoying shop owners that insist on "showing you their finest hand made pashmina" as soon as you step inside their shop be prepared for a show
5. Cold showers and wet bathrooms following your shower (no shower curtains here)



6. Pollution, light pollution and sound pollution - people in India tend to use their vehicle horn as a turn signal, warning signal, emergency siren, or even just for fun at times
7. People sweeping piles - then setting their garbage piles on fire, see #6 Pollution
8. Not being able to eat beef or bacon - although all the other protein choices made up for this
9. Traveling on a 2A class train overnight from Pushkar to Agra
10. (First world problem) poor access to high speed internet - although this is a tech capitol of the world, not everywhere offers fast wifi connections and even most hotels limit your usage

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