Exploring Indonesia - Why one month in Bali might be too long

Exploring Indonesia -
Why one month in Bali might be too long

Bali, Indonesia is epic - its' beautiful, breath taking and there is adventure around every corner (as long as you can get the right price out of the tour operator) but do you need to spend one month in Bali?! We don't really think so - we're hot, sweating in our Air BnB as we count down the minutes to head to the airport to fly to >> AUS >> Queenstown, New Zealand.  We thought one month would be a piece of cake here; beautiful Balinese beaches, vodka spiked cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them, chicken sate and more rice fields than you care to count.  Let me first start by saying that Bali, Indonesia isn't Thailand - this place is very different... it's hotter than Thailand and I thought I sweat my ass off on the island of Koh Phi Phi, it's one of the most humid places we have ever visit considering we have both lived in and around Orlando, Florida.  We struggled here and we didn't even stay an entire month - the heat really got to us and Bali belly really got to Emily (unfortunately about 1 in 2 people who visit here will get sick with this illness).  Poor food preparedness and terribly polluted water conditions lead to over 10 million people contracting quite a nasty stomach flu/bacteria.  If the food doesn't get you ill watch out for the mosquitoes (some of which carry dengue fever), lizards and the over 450 species of snakes that roam this Southeast Asian island - Bali is beautiful don't get me wrong... but it comes at a price.  Eating is cheap, transportation is cheap (don't ride taxis instead take an Uber), and accommodations are quite reasonable - but is this a place I would recommend you spend a month visiting or traveling around?! Nope - two weeks is at the most time you will need to see and do everything exciting on Bali, Indonesia... unless your a surfer bro, Australian expat or looking to open a restaurant and don't mind sweating all the time.  If I were to re-do my time spent in Bali it would look something like this timeline below:

Arrive in Denpasar Airport and have guest house picked out near Echo Beach, Canggu >> spend 4 days exploring Canggu and the nearby area (Kuta, Legian and other touristy spots) >> take transport up to a guest house located on Jl. Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Indonesia >> spend 5 days exploring Ubud and the surrounding areas >> take transport back down closer to Seminyak and find a resonable Air Bnb located on the west side of Sunsent Blvd (but avoid staying near Kuta Beach in my opinion) >> explore Seminyak and this area of fantastic eateries, shops and cafe >> spend 5 days here >> book your flights to go to another region in Asia. 

Thanks for reading - we hope these tips help and will give you guidance when planning your trip to Bali, Indonesia ~MYT