Exploring Prague - The Street Markets of Praha

Exploring Prague - The Street Markets of Praha

The streets markets in Praha were unique, diverse and special treasures to find spread thru their old cobble stone streets.  The first market we found had produce from local farms, baked goods, super strong cappuccinos, glass blown gifts, metal crafting and even a hand made knitting machine/stand.  The markets here were unlike any other markets we've been to - it was refreshing to see some unique items being made by hand right inside the markets.  We picked up a scarf/blanket from the stand hand-knitting bags and other items to keep Emily warm during the colder stays in North Europe.

After seeing so many different markets in Europe the street markets in Prague are a cut above the rest - the fruit tastes just as amazing as it looks, the old ancient market stands that have been used for centuries take you back in time.  If you find yourself at one of these amazing markets you must try a traditional Prague treat called the Trdelník (originally a Slovak cake) these doughy joys of goodness can only be compared to a cinnamon sugar pretzel by Auntie Anne's in the states (but 100x better). Check out how fresh and yummy these look...

We found ourselves in Prague's main center market starring at a large line in front of a big hog slowly being rotisserie cooked.  Our stomachs were grumbling and it was time for lunch - but be ware they sell this ham by weight and they served us enough meat to feed a small village. 

street meat of praha

We munched down this tasty ham with rye bread and two large beers to wash it all down.  A very filling (and rather expensive) lunch meal but eating some traditional Czech food was exactly what we had set out for that day.  Some other traditional meals you'll see in Prague: Knedliky (potato or wheat dumplings), pork sausages and lots of Goulash (soup or stew with vegetables, chicken, paprika) and enough sauerkraut to go around.

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