Exploring California - Back in the states and San Francisco's warm welcome

Exploring California - Back in the states
and San Francisco's warm welcome

We love California here at Meet You There – therefore while searching for plane tickets back to the states we figured a six-day layover in San Francisco would be an exciting welcome back into America.  Exciting was a bit of an understatement, we had an absolute blast exploring San Francisco, trying new eateries and bars – Meet You There design began in California, if you look close at the background image of the blog landing page there’s an image from the train system in California.  We were very lucky to have a group of amazing friends that picked us up from our international flight (and after traveling for 8 months) and they helped break us back into life in the states. 

Travel can feel like a real time, space and mind trip... especially when you return to United States
— Meet You There

Arriving back in the United States after being abroad for 8 months living out of a backpack, is a very surreal experience, as one of my friends put it ‘There’s a real pace about life here in the States’ a very true statement.  Not that we expected life to be on standby until we returned but that you notice that life has just continued to progress, evolve and move along at a very steady pace.  Maybe an alcoholic beverage or two might help to ease these feelings for most – instead we hopped in the car to an extremely fat joint of California’s top notch, most energetic sativa strains Cherry 47 and proceeded to blow our worries in the wind, for now at least.  It took us some time to adjust to the jet lag and potent Cali weed – in fact I barely remember the first place we ate breakfast at (because it still felt like I was still on an air plane a few time zones away).  Nido's Brunch (located in Oakland) was really great place for brunch one morning - I highly reccomend you stop over at Nido's in Oakland.  Here’s a short list of the places we did eat breakfast with some favorites selected:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 09.26.18.png

The food in San Francisco is fantastic, tasty, filling and flavorful, we indulged in some of the cities better culinary delights.  Having close friends that live in the area were able to show us around to some of San Francisco’s better meals out – I was never once disappointed with their restaurant selections.  Here’s another short list of a couple of the places we ate for lunch and dinner:

Entertainment in San Fran is easy, there is always something going on concerts, food festival, outdoor gatherings - unfortunately the weather was really crappy for the majority of our visit but we were still able to make the most of it.  Our first evening in California we drove to Santa Cruz to catch Rebelution live in concert - a very questionable choice after not sleeping much and being on an air plane for 12 hours but it seemed like the best way to face the jet lag.  We spent a day exploring the wines of Sanoma, we spent a day strolling thru and taking pictures of Muir Woods red wood forest, we spent a day walking the different shops and stores just off Haight street.  San Francisco is very alive, constantly growing, bustling city that doesn't ever feel too overwhelming - we really enjoyed experiencing these last memories as our trip of 8 months came to a close.  I like visiting my friends in California, the vibes are similar to Colorado and living is easy... I will continue to visit places like San Fran and hope to make it to Yosemite National Park sometime this Spring/Summer.  Thanks for reading our quick post on San Fran, food and fun! ~MYT