Flash back Fridays - Exploring Amsterdam, the Netherlands ...why Amsterdam is more than just coffee shops

Flash back Fridays - Exploring Amsterdam, the Netherlands
...why Amsterdam is more than just coffee shops

It was a blast visiting both Haarlem and Amsterdam in the Netherlands – the flavors of these cities are unbelievably rich, the canals display fantastic history around every bend and there’s more to Amsterdam than just coffee shops.  While we visit our fair share of coffee shops in the Dam we also spent a significant amount of time checking out the sights and other tourist attractions.  From the Kat Kabinet, to the Heineken Experience/Museum and strolling through the countless levels of world renowned Van Gogh paintings - Amsterdam has quite a variety of activities for everyone to experience.  Looking for an article about enjoying cannabis - respectfully and responsibly in Haarlem and Netherlands?!

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One of our favorite ways to see the city and some of the most popular attractions was by canal boat tour.  We paid €12 for a ticket to tour Amsterdam by water – a unique but popular way to see the sights and learn about the history along the canals.  The tour took us by the Ann Frank house, a place we really intended on visiting but heard the wait to get inside can waste at least half a day.  We were satisfied by just floating by the Ann Frank house on the canal – we learned a lot of interesting facts about the historic architecture spread throughout Amsterdam on our boat tour.  If you don’t tour Amsterdam by boat or bus another great option is to grab a bicycle and pedal around the bumpy, busy streets giving yourself the opportunity to hop off whenever you please. 

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While we loved enjoying and experiencing the coffeeshop and cannabis culture of the Netherlands - don't let it consume all your time here in beautiful Amsterdam.  Instead use the coffee shops as an opportunity to break up the day, or end a long day of sight seeing by foot or bike.  ~MYT