Flash back Friday - Looking back to Köln, Germany in this photo-blog post

Flash back Friday - Looking back to Köln, Germany
in this photo-blog post

Köln or also known as Cologne, Germany is THE quintessential example of a European city with spectacular architecture and home to 'Germany's most visited landmark' the Köln Dom (Colonge Cathedral).  This cathedral and the architectural design behind it - is simply mind blowing... I've attached a number of images of this landmark below the text portion.  Do I recommend spending a bunch of time in Köln, Germany, probably not but it was definitely worth a day trip maybe an overnight stay to check out all the landmarks and capture some really fine travel photography. 

Capturing these colorful little houses was also part of the travel photography we captured while in Cologne, Germany - below that image are a series of photos of the Kölner Dome, Germany.  This holy structure sees close to 20,000 visitors a day - according to Wiki it's the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.  It was built to serve as a place of worship for the Holy Roman Emperor this structure was meant for a king.  I've seen large buildings, huge urban settings and sky scrapers before but this church essentially looked as if it was the size of a small sky scraper.  This place is marvelous for a day trip, but we didn't think the food was particularly amazing and we also just visit Köln for a short layover to say hello a friend.  These colorful houses (pictured below) were something we had seen over and over again on travel Instagram accounts - therefore we knew we had to pay them a visit while passing thru Cologne, Germany. 

For a place that has 20,000 visitors a day it didn't feel terribly busy - but unfortunately while we were there part of the Kölner Dome was under renovation - I was still able to walk away with the following images... the coffee and beers of Germany were some of my favorite, the people here were very friendly and tried their best to help us understand menus and directions.  Thanks Cologne for a great trip, this should definitely be a stop on your next Europe trip! ~MYT

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