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Stay Healthy // Live an Active, Adventurous Life // Become further conscious // Never stop creating.  ~MYT


We spent some time hand picking some of our favorite action adventure brands that we would love to take with us around the world.  We sent out emails reaching out to various ambassador and adventurer programs in an attempt to collaborate with brands that we truly believe in and companies who we felt embodied the mission behind Meet You There.  We received a positive and exciting response from California clothing company called Vuori – inviting us to become part of their influencer program.  We’re elated to be joining the team of action, surf and yoga athletes that represent Vuori’s gear.  Read more from their about page here

“Vuori was born out of a shared passion for yoga, surf, art, music and the active lifestyle of Encinitas, Ca. Founded when friends, pro-skateboarder Chris Miller and Joe Kudla shared a mutual frustration of not being able to find yoga or performance clothing that fit their lifestyle. They were seeking product that performed exceptionally yet effortlessly aligned with their west coast style. Thus, the Vuori journey began to bring a new perspective to the men's yoga and fitness market.

Based out of an eclectic art studio in Encinitas, Vuori thrives off of the community surrounding them. Attending daily yoga classes, surfing the many spots in walking distance from the office and running and cycling along the coast inspires the team to connect to their customer and make products for people just like them - healthy, active, conscious and creative.”

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Vuori sent us over an awesome package filled with stickers, tees and some of their signature Vuori board shorts.  The material of their shirts is soft, and ultra breathable – so you don’t sweat too bad as you cruise down to the ocean on your groovy long board.  The shorts wick water away easily and are very breathable as well – this gear is ready for any adventure, board sport or lounging at any campsite.  This set of apparel will definitely be making it into my bag and joining me around the world – we try hard to select gear we will utilize across the globe, comfortable, light weight and breathable clothing is imperative when your carrying it all on your back.  Really excited to continue testing out the Vuori gear and keep an eye for more guest blog posts from us as well on their journal page – check out MYT feature on Vuori Journal here. 

A snippet from our first guest post over on the Vuori site:


Meeting beautiful cultures in exotic places plus meeting the people that make up these cultures - meeting is how we interact with the world.  


Sharing these adventures, trips and journeys with our friends, family, supporters and fellow influencers - we dream to take you with us as much as we can thru our blogs and photography.


Life is journey - not a destination… something we must always remember is to not focus on the ‘there’ or the ‘where’ more importantly experiencing and being in the ‘now’ or the ‘present’ is something we must embrace & cherish.

Thanks for reading - stay tuned, more posts coming thru the weekend! -MYT