Meet You There launches Kick Starter Project


You'll notice a new tab at the top of site - titled KICK STARTER.  We've decided we need to raise some extra funds to keep our travels going.  I've heard plenty of success stories using the site and wanted to give it a go ourselves - we've set a pretty tall goal of $3k but in the end we hope to spread the word about our mission/goals, drive some activity to the blog and generate some funds to push us thru a few more regions of the world.  In return for funding our project you'll receive photography from our travels or from the existing libraries.  Here's a little bit about our project:

Ever dream of traveling the world? Let us tell you a little bit about our dreams to travel the globe:

Traveling is an expensive endeavor - while we planned, and saved and hustled as hard as we could... there are still a handful of expenses we have yet to pay for in the upcoming months leading to our departure date.  Some of these items include: vaccinations, travelers' Insurance, train passes, airfare to different regions, new camera gear and accommodations for stay.  

While some of these expenses are more of a priority than others - we cannot waste time in raising and saving enough money before we leave to journey and tour the world in September 2015.   

Not only is this fund an effort to raise money for our trip but it is also an opportunity for you to invest in my new business: Frankieboy Photography LLC.  This company and passion of mine is a dedication to my father Frank H. Spontelli Jr. - my father has always motivate me to create, build and operate a business of my own as he once did.  I recently purchased the LLC to officially turn my little photography 'idea/hobby' into a reality - a business of my own.  While I may never own the giant warehouses filled with printing presses as my Dad once did - this LLC is the start at a small empire of photography printing mastery.  My dream is to return from traveling the world with a plethora of images and build a photo printing studio of my own.  We also want to take our blog to the next level - so that we can continue to travel and adventure while sharing our ventures with the rest of the world. 



Thank you for continuing to read our blog and watch us grow!  We appreciate the continued support and if you want to own a piece of MYT - now is the perfect time to help fund our dreams to travel the world.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for we have tons of new content coming soon... ~MYT