Meet You There Mondays - Three Places to add to your travel bucket list

Meet You There Mondays -
Three Places to add to your travel bucket list

  1. Pushkar, India - why you might ask should this be on your travel bucket list?! Pushkar is diverse, beautiful, holy and an amazing place to visit.  Visiting a place like this will completely change travel for you - it probably won't be comfortable or the easiest destination to get to but once you settle in there... you'll begin to understand why this place should be on every traveler's bucket list.  From the break taking sunsets - to watching people from India bathe in the Holy waters at the lake's edge - to the diverse eateries spread throughout town (mostly Vegan)... Pushkar, India is a spectacular place to experience at least once in your life.  Be sure to try one or two of the Special Lassi's seen on the menus as well - you'll be in for a good time as you wander the already overwhelming market streets of Pushkar. 
  2. Prague, Czech Republic - visiting Praha was unique, life changing and spectacular.  We spent close to a week in the Czech Republic and had a fantastic time - each day filled with culture and different adventures.  We ate local, authentic Czech dishes and even explored Prague's burlesque show on our last night.  We found some 'special' bars while staying in our neighborhood called the Zizkov district - and enjoyed the cannabis culture that is very much alive in the Czech Republic.
  3. Bruges, Belgium - beautiful, beautiful Bruges a town in Belgium just filled with history, more history and delicious Belgian chocolates and treats.  Take a walk back in time, beautiful canals line every road and every alleyway you peek around - this is place that won't leave your memory bank for a very long time.  We were lucky to take a day trip from Brussels to explore Bruges with our amazing tour guides, grab a city map and stop at all the famous spots.  The buildings in town are all marked with ages some dating back to the 1300s - to us Bruges felt a bit like Vail.  Check out our full post here - visiting Bruges and Knokke Beach. ~MYT

      2. Prague, Czech Republic - the red roofs of Praha.

     3. Brugge, Belgium (image is from Knokke Beach)