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Most of the time when I tell people that I booked a one-way ticket, they kind of look at me like, really, no shit...but then ask yourself: What's really stopping you from traveling the world?

Meet You There BIO:  This is a very exciting time in our lives (E & F) as we begin to plan to leave the Vail Valley - it will be tough to say goodbye to so many close friends but as I have always told people about Vail "it is such a transient place".  I have seen so many close friends come and go from Vail that it almost feels as though this is the right time for me to move on.  This beautiful place in White River National Forest that I have called home for the past 4 seasons will always be here - it's somewhere I know I will return to again someday.  The impact this place & its people has had on my life are tremendous - the memories, powder days, photos, dj parties, camp sites & experiences here are irreplaceable and never to be forgotten.



In early September 2015 me & Lil_E will board a plane from JFK to Brussels, Belgium on a one-way tickets to begin a travel adventure & photo expedition we're calling: Meet You There.  I cannot exactly tell you why this is the perfect time in my life for me to do this expedition other than fate - to have met a companion who is as passionate about travel as I am is a very unique quality indeed, as a team we have so much to conquer together - we hope you'll follow us on our journey thru our blogging, adventures & photography.

With under TWO months to prepare we're doing our best to read, research and gather information on all the places we dream to visit.  With countless to-do lists filling up: from selling a car, to donating clothes, to picking out the right backpacking gear - our lives are certain to be busy as we prepare for our departure date.  We hope to check in regularly with blog updates on our gear load outs, booking & travel tips, photography expeditions & so much more... We're so excited for this adventure so stay up with us as we travel & share the world together - we seek to motivate you to do trips like ours and hopefully one day we will - meet you there.

For now, from the high Rockies of Vail to the edge of the world

(Meet you there)
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