MYT Gear Insight: Top Five Women's All Around Packs

MYT Gear Insight: Top Five Women's Travel Packs

Traveling for a long weekend, month in Europe, or a trip around the world? If so here is the Mercedes Benz of backpacks and travel packs for women. Choosing the right pack is crucial so I’ve researched and found the most comfortable, durable packs on the market.

5. The Osprey Aura 50 AG

5. The Osprey Aura 50 AG Pack - this pack is enjoyable because it has a state of the art backpacking mold and straps. When I tried this pack on with about 40 lbs. in it the pack had so much support/suspension I could hardly feel the weight. This pack comes equipped with eleven pockets ladies making it great for storage and organization. It is a top loading pack ONLY so if you decide to go with this pack I also recommend packing cubes for easy accessibility.  So your aware the AG stands for Anti-Gravity so no matter how much weight you pack into this bag - the suspension keeps you feeling weightless, unrestricted and ready to tackle just about anything.   

4. The Osprey Viva 50 Pack

4.  Osprey Viva 50 Pack. I initially really liked this pack because compared to others it doesn’t have as many straps and cords hanging from every direction - making it easier to check for an airplane ride or throw under a bus. This is a very simple pack without all the bells and whistles.  Great pack for a long weekend or a camping trip - fifty liters wasn't going to cover me for around the world but I still really liked the feel of this backpack.  This pack definitely belongs more on the hiking trail than on a European train - worth considering and another excellent bag by Osprey a company of out Colorado.

3. The Osprey Ariel 65

3. Osprey Ariel 65 Pack. This pack is awesome because the pack completely customizes/molds to your body. The pack has an adjustable torso and an awesome hip belt that helps distribute weight to your hips as well as your back. This pack is perfect if your backpacking Southeast Asia or Central America the back mesh paneling on the pack makes for great air circulation in hotter climates definitely built for the hiking trails. Although if your a shorter lady I don’t think I would recommend this pack because the height of the pack went well above my head and I’m about 5’1” - this meant the pack would rub/bump into the back of my head something worth avoiding. 

2. The Gregory Amber 60

2. Gregory Amber 60 Pack. I found that I’m partial to Gregory packs because they really accommodate petite women plus their suspension straps fit snug/comfy to my smaller frame.  The Amber pack comes equipped with more than most packs. It comes with a rain cover and a conveniently detachable day pack. The oversize hip belts are perfect for iPhones or handheld cameras.

1. Gregory Deva 70L

1. Gregory DEVA 70L This is ultimately the pack I ended up purchasing - after trying different backpacks on and testing them loaded with weight this Gregory was the match for me. I strongly believe this pack is the best of the best. You can access the inside from top, bottom, and middle compartments. Also throughout the pack you’ll find many secret compartments for personal items. The DEVA70 has great suspension if you need to pack a little heavier. The Gregory DEVA 70 also comes with a rain cover and detachable day pack. This pack also has an adjustable/optional side water bottle compartment - to be accessed when you need it. 

Gregory deva 70L

Gregory deva 70L

Thanks for reading - if you have any opinions/experiences on backpacks for women please leave them below in our comment section!