MYT Gear Insight - Why Sony's Alpha series camera is made for the traveler

sony A7 on meadow mountain

After trading in my Canon camera for Sony’s Alpha series camera over two years ago I’ve never looked back or once said to myself “I wish I had my Canon back…”.  Sure the Canon 5D Mark III is a phenomenal camera but it’s also too large for its own good and with a price tag of $2200 USD you might as well buy 4 x Sony A6000s.  Nowadays with travel, and compact technology advancing as it has been it only make sense to take out the moving parts and instead simplify the device using digital full frame digital sensor such as in the Sony Alpha series cameras.

Just because you’ve switched over to the Alpha series camera body doesn’t mean you need to go selling all those Canon mount lenses - the genius camera gurus at Sony thought of you Canon lovers.  It is essential to check out the metabones adapter and any other lens converters for the Sony cameras (in particular the metabones adapter being the strongest, fastest and best quality adapter to maintain full control of electronic lens / automatic focusing).  With these professional grade adapters the combinations of lenses that can be fitted to the Sony A series cameras is out of this world.   

Metabones Adapters - from Canon to Sony E-Mount - for accuracy, speed and consistency



I did not own the metabones adapter at the time I was not ready to shell out another hundred dollars out for a special converter – but I wish I had gone with metabones.  These adapters (available for most DSLR camera bodies) have enabled me a world of possibilities with the Sony camera.  My brother-in-law who got me started into the photography game (see their blog here – Out Beyond Shore) gave me a collection of older manual Takumar/Pentax mechanical lens once fit with an adapter snap right on my Sony body – 

creating this super sweet blend between the future of camera sensors and the throw back feel of vintage glass.
— Frankieboy Photography

  I’ve wandered around to various camera swaps and camera shops searching for more of these vintage lenses like scoring the Pentax F4 17mm Takumar-Fisheye.  This fisheye is really fun for creating some ultra-ultra wide angels, it actually shoots some decent astrophotography – as long as your able to get some stars in focus using the AF finder built into the Sony A series bodies.  Some other Pentax in my kit: 50mm Takumar, 24mm Takumar fit on the same adapter as the fisheye lens giving me some fun, playful, small pieces of glass that aren’t going to take up your entire camera bag but still push your creative bounds. 

my gear loadout frankieboy photography

Meet You There recommendations:

-Check out the Sony A6000 if your not in the market to buy a Sony Camera body over $1000

-Metabones Adapters for converting Canon mounted lenses to Sony E Mount

-Pentax Screw Mount lens collections

-Always go to your local or state-wide camera swap or used camera stores

-Check out more of my photography from my Sony Camera here

In summary the reason why I feel so strongly about the Sony A series cameras is because of the kit I was able to build and the ease of learning my way around the camera's operating system.  The A7 does not have a touch screen so navigating around the menus at first is a bit of a learning curve but once it is picked up you will be setting and customizing the camera in no time at all.  A big bonus to the Sony cameras are the ability to utilize the metabones adapters - creating infinite possibilities with lens combinations.  I urge you to step away from the Canon world (maybe not altogether because they make some phenomenal lenses) but if your looking to upgrade your setup or even make your bag lighter, smaller and more travel-ready then in my opinion the Sony Alpha series cameras are for you - the traveler.  Fill your bag with creating lenses and continue to push the bounds of the digital photography world - Sony has changed the game forever... now its just a matter of keeping up with technology. 

sony A7 in the field frankieboyphotography

Thanks for reading more gear reviews coming soon.... ~MYT

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