Thirsty Thursdays - Our favorite beach bar from Bali, Indonesia: Potato Head Beach Club

Thirsty Thursdays - Our favorite beach bar from Bali, Indonesia:
Potato Head Beach Club

It's okay to splurge a little bit when your traveling... in fact, when your in a place like Bali, Indonesia it's definitely okay to splurge a little bit because the American dollar goes much further in places like Indonesia and Thailand.  During our last few days on the volcanic island of Bali we did just that - we went to one of the swankiest beach club bars we have ever visit: Potato Head Beach Club (Bali's best beach club - cick here to continue onto their page).  My buddy Johnny invited me here (he frequents Bali for business) for a few drinks to catch up with him one evening, walking up to Potato Head I remember saying to myself ''This place is way too nice for me.." which it was but like I said before it's okay to splurge here and there when on and extended trip like ours.  As you approach the venue you'll be greet by security guards scanning cars and checking backpacks - you will notice the sweet design that is Potato Head Beach Club - beach warped shutters line the outside of this amphitheater like venue.  This place is massive as you walk up the entrance ramps - inside there are at least 5 different bars (including a swim-up pool bar) that serve up flavorful cocktails, a nice selection of beers and plenty of liquor to choose from. 

Drinks are more on the expensive side - but that being said you gain access to the pool, and the cabanas are on a first come reservation basis - we didn't get a cabana but we joined the 15+ person waiting list looking to grab a seat at one.  We didn't need it however, we made ourselves at home after buying a cocktail and a beer found a nice sunny bench at the poolside and took turns dipping in the pool and starring out at the Indonesian coastline at the edge of the infinity pool.  Their food menu looked delicious (we were full from our breakfast at Bene Lane Cafe near Kuta) our neighbor pool-goers were ordering appetizers and other items off the menu, the food looked and smelled scrumptious (be prepared to drop some $$$ if you order food and a few rounds of drinks).  Expensive drinks, exquisite views from the beautiful pool and relaxing moments are all served up at Potato Head Beach club in Bali, Indonesia - if you're looking for a day to splurge, and soak up the blistering hot sunshine check out this spot, rated as one of the best beach/pool clubs in all of Bali.  ~MYT

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