Timelapse: Packing our lives into one pack

Timelapse: Packing our lives into one pack
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The pack I select for my round-the-world bag is the Osprey Farpoint 70L -

which can be viewed here on Osprey official website

I love this pack - we wrote articles about our bags when we first select them - you can view that post here for Mens Packs or click here for Ladies Pack Suggestions (keep scrolling to Emily's article below)  The cubes I'm packing into are called 'Packing cubes' like drawers to separate your clothing articles inside your large pack - we recommend these here or grabbing some expandable cubes from REI  - There isn't a better technique to keep your bag organized so these are a must!

We will come back with pack lists soon as we catch up on all this content from Amsterdam, Haarlem and the Netherlands.  Thanks for continuing to follow us, please comment, and share our information around as much as you please - we launched this to be resource for others looking to travel the globe.  That's it for this quick post ~MYT