Upcoming travel: Asia Part II


We're super excited for an upcoming international travel trip: Asia Part II.  Although anxious as always about a long travel day ahead we cannot wait to dip our feet into the golden sands of Thailand and enjoy many new flavors, sights, drinks and scents of Asia.  We've been incredible busy with work-life and have lost a lot of priority for the travel-blog mainly because it isn't a source of income for us.  However, we continue to want to share our journeys with you and for that we appreciate your patience and waiting around for some new content. 

Asia Part II.jpg

While we won't be visiting 12 countries on this trip we hope to dive deeper into asian culture and explore more culinary delights over in this part of the world.  We have visions of creating some really exciting photo and hopefully video content from this trip so keep an eye out for lots of new content on our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/meet_youthere/

I'll be sure to list our travel details once we're on the road and give you some insight as to how we picked these locations.  We're super fortunate to be traveling with friends again (who we previously traveled to India with) nothing beats having an exciting group of travel companions.  Follow along on our Insta-story as we hope to take you along on the adventures, excursions and exciting times we're about to embark on over in Asia.  Have any tips for us? Must visit places? Spark the conversation by leaving us a comment below, we're always looking to inspiration from other world travelers.  It's pretty crazy how quickly 2017 has flown by being locked up in the work grind; and it's crazy how much we enjoy each and every moment when we traveled for 10 months.  We're always dreaming to leave again and take a long travel trip; we also never give up on the thought of it.  That's why we're heading to Asia for Part II! ~Meet You There

From our last trip to Thailand - image by Frankieboyphotography 

From our last trip to Thailand - image by Frankieboyphotography