Where to Stay Sundays - MYT Reviews places to stay in Krabi Town, Thailand

Where to Stay Sundays -
MYT Reviews places to stay in Krabi Town, Thailand

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Visiting Krabi Town, Thailand was epic, beautiful and outstanding... Day trips to Railay beach, soaking up the sun and fantastic views of Thailand from a different island region other than Koh Phi Phi.  But when it comes to looking for an appropriate place to stay (for 2 people under $30/night), we learned a solid lesson about Krabi Town in Thailand.  Originally we found a hostel off a site we use as an information source for traveling Southeast Asia and beyond called Travelfish.org (click here - this is a great resource).  The name of the hostel (probably more suitable for backpackers) was Krabi Good Dream, we emailed in advance to see if they had any available moves as we were leaving Koh Phi Phi for Krabi Town the next day.  The owner emailed us back and basically told us he would hold a room for us, but also begrudgingly told us that their hostel was shit, and we wouldn't like it there (in not so blunt terms).  When we arrived to check in at the Krabi Good Dream only to discover this place was more like a bad dream or more accurately a nightmare - down a back alley past the sketchy kitchen to their restaurant are some dingy hostel rooms with tiny, crappy uncomfortable beds.  The owner had called - he must be too honest with people sometimes and also their website raves about how cheap and honest they are but we weren't settled just yet on having a nightmarish few days in Krabi Town.  We proceeded to throw our bags into these shit-hostel rooms and made the decision we would walk around the block and see what our options were.  Perhaps if your a single person or a backpacker duo looking for hostel style stay that you won't be spending time in, you can mingle with other backpackers and we were told they had good BBQ wings (not a selling point for me and Em). 

Thankfully just up the street from Krabi Good Dream was a perfectly priced hotel called Krabi City View - to be totally honest the price we were going to pay at Krabi Good dream was the same rate for a perfectly nice hotel room at Krabi Town City View (click here for their link).  The price for a room with no balcony was 600 ($17 USD) baht a night and a room with the balcony cost 800 baht a night ($22 USD).  The point of this blog post is don't ever think your stuck with shit accommodations and if you're not happy take a walk around the block there's a good chance you can find something just as reasonable (and in our case much much nicer). 

Food blog post coming soon for Krabi Town, there are some ultra delicious spots in that area worth checking out! Things to check out in Krabi Town - The Night Bazzar, A day trip to Railay Beach and much more... Thanks for reading until next time.... ~MYT