MYT State of Mind: Why I travel blog

MYT State of Mind: Why I travel blog

Travel is the only thing you buy... that makes you richer

There are many reasons why I made the decision to leave what most call a conventional life for a life on the road as a travel blogger and photographer.  My father used to instill something in me before he passed away he would say "Those are just things.. And stuff Frankie (in regards to his car / motorcycle) it's important to live happily without things and stuff.." At that time in my life this didn't have much meaning to me.  To understand what he was saying hit me in the face when I was packing up all my stuff and things in my rented room - how the hell did I accumulate so much crap after living in Colorado for four short years.  It's easy to have a lot of 'stuff' in a place like Colorado with so many outdoor activities - hiking gear, snowboard gear, camping gear, camera gear, not to mention I was a DJ in Vail so my things added up quickly (which became very overwhelming when it came time to move). 

Emily and I donate 10 car loads of furniture, clothing, and stuff that I knew someone else would appreciate/use and knowing I wouldn't miss these items while out on the open road.  I've come to terms with the fact that it isn't the amount of belongings you possess in life that creates ultimate happiness - it's the experiences your able to create that hold infinitely more value than any stuff you could ever buy.  There's a quote I am constantly seeing out here on the road when I look for travel quotes "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" this has never been so true.  Money can buy you all the things in the world - but the richest things in life come thru experiences - remember this always and forever.

The second thing you really learn from being out traveling long term is you learn about yourself - your frustration levels peak, your exhaustion levels go beyond anything you've ever felt, your mind wanders like what the hell am I doing out here and the struggles felt each day are real.  I'm not going to lie being out here might seem like fun, unicorns, butterflies and easy living but some days are just down right terrible.  You learn how to battle thru frustration by being patient - you learn to battle thru exhaustion because you need to refuel - you learn to reassure yourself in times of doubt.  You are your biggest mental enemy or friend however you choose to deal with the demons inside.  The next time your stuck on thinking how bad "today has sucked" remember that someone else out there has probably had a worse day than our petty first world problems.  Be fortunate for your health, your warm home, and learn to live simply with humbleness.

I have a huge appreciation for people that travel all the time after living on the road for over a month now - it is not easy.  Somedays we just want to go home back to our simple lives in the Vail valley but these days make me appreciate the ability to do what we're out here doing.  You can do this too - I urge you to save your money (skip the Starbucs everyday and start a travel fund) I urge you to make decisions to focus on appreciating life's moments more than life's 'things'.  To see the world is one of the richest experiences you could ever undertake - maybe one day we will meet you there. ~MYT